Our Story

mbt2you is a graphic design company founded by Patricia Thames from Hamburg, Germany. She is now joined by Jessica Schmidt and Frida Schneider, also from Hamburg. who were educated as graphic designers at the University of Hamburg.

Founder, Graphic Designer Patricia Thames
Patricia has always been interested in creating things, especially art. During her childhood, her father, who was crazy about technology, brought a computer into their home. Patricia was fascinated by what she could use the device to do and soon began to create art on the computer. Since that time, her creativity has not stopped.

What began as a hobby quickly turned into a business. As her family and friends got to see some of her work, they told others about it. She took on graphic design work and the business grew through word of mouth.

Patricia, who is now in her thirties, worked for about nine years as a solo, freelance, graphic designer. She was blessed to be able to work with some big companies in a large range of industries. The challenges of creating graphics for different industries increased her skills as a graphic designer.
During 2017, Patricia opened an office for the mbt2you Company in Hamburg. She asked her best friends, Jessica Schmidt and Frida Schneider, to work with her. Jessica and Frida are talented graphic designers as well.

Graphic Designer Jessica Schmidt
Jessica Schmidt trained in graphic design at the University of Hamburg where she got her degree. She has been a long-term friend of Patricia Thames, the founder of the company. She went to school with another friend, Frida Schneider, who also now works at the company.

Prior to joining the mbt2you Company, she worked for {insert Jessica Schmidt’s work experience highlights here}.

Graphic Designer Frida Schneider
Frida Schneider also has a degree in graphic design from the University of Hamburg. Frida worked on many graphic design projects. Prior to joining the mbt2you Company, she worked for {insert Frida Schneider’s work experience highlights here}.

The three women make a very successful team. They enjoy bouncing ideas around and trying to help each other create the best results possible for their ever-expanding client base. They travel frequently together, seeking inspiration from what they see on their travels. This helps the team to stay creative, which makes the work more enjoyable and the end result really good for the clients.