Our Clients

Here is a representative sample of some of our past clients together with the design work we did for them.

Betsson is an online casino company, owned by Swedish Betsson AB. The company is one of the world’s largest online gaming companies. It has been offering gaming entertainment experiences for over 50 years.

The company started in 1963 by providing gaming machines to restaurants located in Sweden. Soon after its inception, it had gaming machines all over the country of Sweden. After that, the company expanded operations into other European countries. The company began online gaming efforts in 1999. Since 2015, the company’s market cap has been in excess of 1 billion Euros.

Betsson hired the mbt2you graphic design company to design all the materials needed for the conference/convention presence of Betsson at a major international online gaming convention.

MrGreen is an award-winning online casino that promotes “green gaming.” This allows players to set loss limits and playing time limits to help avoid causing any serious problem for individual players. The company also provides gambling addiction support for its players. This online casino became popular because of its combined promotion of online gaming for entertainment with the idea of responsible gambling.

MrGreen hired the mbt2you graphic design company to design its beautiful and charming website that has a wonderful back-story about the mysterious Mr. Green.

Cisk is a beer brewery that started during 1929 in Malta. The beer became immensely popular and is considered a national treasure in the country of Malta. This high-quality beer is now sold all over Europe. In 2017, Cisk won an award for the “Best Pilsner in the World,” beating out competition from all over the globe.

Cisk hired the mbt2you graphic design company to design its outdoor billboards for an advertising campaign targeting the UK beer drinkers. The billboards appeared all over England.

Warners is a fashion company based in New Jersey, USA. They manufacture and market women’s lingerie as well as partner with other major fashion brands such as IZOD, Speedo, and Van Heusen, to sell sportswear and men’s clothes.

Warners hired the mbt2you graphic design company to design its campaign website for the cloud9 collection.

This company sells items for babies such as child carriers and baby clothes. The company started in 1961. The first product was a baby bouncer that is still popular to this day. After its initial success with the baby bouncer, the operations expanded to make a diaper changing table, a high chair, and a travel crib. In 1973, the company released its baby carrier product that allowed parents to carry their babies securely in front of their chest. The product was an instant smash hit. It was called Hjärtenära in Sweden, which means “Close to Heart” in English. To date, the company has sold over 30 million baby carriers that are popular all over the world.

BabyBjorn hired the mbt2you graphic design company to design the last seven issues of the company’s magazine for parents called This is Life.