Mrgreen Online Casino Website Design

MrGreen online casinoAt Mbt2you we pride ourselves on working with a range of high-profile clients and contributing our wealth of web design and graphic design knowledge. One of our most prestigious and memorable clients to date is Mrgreen online casino.

As you will see in the below text, the owners of Mr Green Casino approached us to help develop their website and improve the graphical content of their flourishing platform. We jumped at the opportunity and used our graphic design skills to help take their platform to the next level.

Why did Mr Green approach us?

We have a long history of creating high quality visual content for online companies. In addition to this, we have worked in the online casino industry previously. We have worked with several casino software developers to provide graphics for their slot games. In addition, we have produced graphical elements for a handful of other prominent online casinos.

As a result, our reputation within the industry has grown, and MrGreen online casino approach Mbt2you as they knew of our quality.

What did we contribute to the MrGreen Online Casino Website?

As you can see from the Mr Green casino website, there is a host of fun graphics relating to the elusive MrGreen character. The company approached us with the concept for their character – a sophisticated, stylish gentleman called Mr Green who would be the face of their online endeavours.

We drafted a variety of different sketches and initial ideas for the character of Mr Green – the casino liked our ideas, however they wanted a particular style. Our initial concepts were more cartoonish in nature – the casino wanted something more realistic.

As a result we created the fantastic character you now see on their website. The iconic green bowler hat and green suit were created by Mbt2you and we were happy with the end design. Aside from producing the main character, we also contributed a host of graphics throughout the website relating to this man.

It was a pleasure to help develop the Mr Green persona and bring him to life on their online casino platform.

What else does MrGreen online casino have to offer?

Aside from the legendary green character, this platform is one of the most reputable online gambling sites in the UK. We were so pleased to work on this site as we knew of its quality.

Mr Green Casino has a large selection of games including hundreds of slots, table games, and live dealer games. You can see our graphic design throughout the game section and you will spy him on the thumbnails for the casinos own brand of games too.

In addition to the great games catalogue, Mr Green Casino also has excellent security, and customers can make payments quickly using a range of payment methods. Overall, it is a well-rounded platform that provides users with an amazing gambling experience – we are so proud that we could contribute to this website in a positive way!

Why is website design important for online casinos?

If you want to improve the content of your own online casino, one of the best ways to do so is revamping the website design. Customers want to play fun games and win big cash prizes. However, they also want to be wowed and have an enjoyable experience whilst using the website.

Utilizing fun graphics like the Mr Green character is something that is relatively easy – it can also have a big effect. If you want to learn more about the services we provide, or see if we can create an iconic character for your site – please get in touch!